How to add mail-merge functionality for multiple records in Standard CRM views

This blog describes how to add mail-merge functionality to multiple records in Standard CRM views using the Ribbon Workbench editor. The functionality of this blog works both in CRM 2016 as in CRM 2015.

Recently I received a question from a customer to have the mail merge functionality added for multiple records from CRM views. There are several blogs available online how to re-add or unhide the standard mail merge button for a single record from within the CRM form, but there was no documentation on how to achieve this for multiple records.

For adding the mail merge button on a form, enough documentation is available online. This blog focusses on adding the button to views.

Standard CRM

In standard CRM, the mail merge functionality is available in the Advanced Find pane:

However, in other views, this button is nowhere to be found!

Add mail merge functionality

Follow the steps below to get this functionality also in default CRM views! For this blog, I’m using the account-entity.

1. Download and install the Ribbon Workbench solution in your CRM environment. The solution can be downloaded from the Develop1 website.

2. Create a temporary solution containing only the entity you want to modify. This step is optional, but helps speeding up the process.

3. Open the Ribbon Workbench solution. Upon opening, select your temporary solution from step 2.

4. From the Toolbox-section, drag the ‘Button’-item to the desired place of your ribbon:

5. Edit the properties of the newly added button on the right hand side of the screen, to contain the following information:

  • Image 16x16: /_imgs/ribbon/mailmerge16.png
  • Image 32x32: /_imgs/ribbon/mailmerge32.png
  • Alt text: Mail Merge
  • Description: Mail Merge
  • LabelTextText: Mail Merge
  • ToolTipDescriptionText: Create a mail merge document for these Accounts. Manage mail merge templates in the Settings area.
  • ToolTipTitleTlex: Mail Merge
  • Commandcore: Mscrm.MailMergeSelected

6. If you want, you could also add the button to the form by dragging a button into the ‘Form’ ribbon. See the ‘optional’ blue line in the screenshot above. The properties can be the same, except for:

  • ToolTipDescriptionText: Create a mail merge document for this Account. <br><br> Manage mail merge templates in the Settings area.
  • CommandCore: Mscrm.MailMergePrimary

7. Now, right click newly added button, and select ‘Customize Command’, and the command will be added to the ‘Commands’ section.

8. From the Commands section, right click the command, and select ‘Edit Display Rules’

9. From the popup screen, select the Mscrm.HideOnCommandBar item, and then click on Remove

10. Optionally, perform the same actions for the Mscrm.MailMergePrimary command.

11. Click on the ‘Publish’ button in the workbench-screen:

12. Close the Ribbon Workbench, refresh the screen, and open an account view. The button will be visible, and will work: 

If you applied the optional steps for the form, you will also find the button there:

And this is how to add mail-merge functionality to multiple records in Standard CRM views using the Ribbon Workbench editor!

Happy CRM-ing!

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