How to avoid Write-in Products in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This blog describes how to prevent users from selecting Write-In Products in Dynamics CRM without coding.

By Jasper Boere, senior consultant Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sometimes one of my customers want to use products on Opportunities, Quotes and Orders, to ensure all sales are related to existing products from the Product Catalog. By using the standard functionality in Dynamics CRM users also get the ability to create their own ‘temporary’ products using the so-called Write-In Product functionality. Unfortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not have a setting or security privilege by which this functionality can be disabled.

Solutions to avoid Write-in Products in CRM

Most solutions found on the Internet refer to custom coding and modifications to the DOM (Document Object Model) to hide the Write-In Product button from the corresponding forms:

This solution however is unsupported by Microsoft. Also, preventing users from overriding the Opportunity Pricing might work sometimes:

Unfortunately, this also prevents users from overriding the default price from Existing Products, which might be necessary. Recently I found a nice trick that involves only minor customization to achieve this functionality: renaming the default opportunityproductsGrid to any other name! See the results below.

Default CRM functionality:

Go to Customizations, and edit the opportunity form. Then, change the properties of the sub grid holding the line items:

Set the name to whatever other name:

Save and publish your customizations, and then refresh the screen.


This is how to prevent users from selecting Write-In Products in Dynamics CRM without coding.

Happy CRM-ing!

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