HSO extends retail expertise with Sana Commerce

See how we're making strides to better support our retail customers and help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

HSO is pleased to announce the growth of our retail expertise through partnership with Sana Commerce. Sana Commerce delivers powerful B2B e-commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics that help wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to grow online. Their e-commerce solutions leverage existing business logic and data, allowing clients to focus on improving customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing sales volume and frequency.

HSO has been recently appointed as a Sana Gold Partner, allowing us to better support our retail customers with their e-commerce initiatives and help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

Ruben Mink, Sales Manager at Sana Commerce in the Netherlands, is very pleased with the cooperation between HSO and Sana: “HSO has been a Sana partner for many years. They are a very professional and dedicated partner, acting on a global level just as we do. Besides delivering e-commerce to customers with an existing Dynamics ERP system, we expanded our partnership in 2016 by helping companies to implement a completely new IT infrastructure (ERP and integrated e-commerce). We look forward to working together in 2017.”

Astrid Smits, Partner Manager at HSO in the Netherlands stated: "We are grateful to be appointed as a Sana Gold Partner. This highlights the good relationship between Sana and HSO and the appreciation of our strong partnership. This achievement has also contributed to our success this year." 

Sana Commerce awards the status of Gold Partner, the highest level of appreciation offered, to partners based on their expertise, sales volume and marketing capability. Our team is looking forward to continued success with Sana as we develop new opportunities in the retail space.

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