Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2015 Release Preview

For the early adopters and those at the cusp of innovation in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem, it may be time to get in touch with the CRM Preview Team. Microsoft are looking for organizations and individuals to sign up for the Dynamics CRM Spring 2015 preview programs, which include Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Carina,” Microsoft Dynamics Marketing “Spica,” and Microsoft Social Listening “Hydra.”

Signups are open to all organisation types and individuals. And you can choose one or more programs as you deem appropriate. Getting involved starts with a three step process:

  1. To turn on your permission to the preview sign-up site on connect
  2. (optional) After completing step 1, for an overview of each programme, please see the preview summary decks available via connect downloads
  3. Access the sign-up survey

Microsoft has preview summary slides on the "Carina," "Spica," and "Hydra" releases that anyone interested should review as part of step 2. The sign-up window runs from January 20th to May 1st, and the preview starts in March 2015, according to Microsoft. There are still some well kept secrets in the upcoming releases, including one new feature which is the reportedly much faster "TurboForms". Microsoft also plans a re-design of the CRM mobile client, though timing isn't confirmed.

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