Microsoft Open First Ever Flagship Retail Store

Open for business; Global technology leader Microsoft has embarked on a new venture, the opening of a flagship store in Manhattan, New York City.

Located on the iconic Fifth Avenue, Microsoft showcases a collection of the company’s products and services, integrating interactive technology. Ranges are familiar to Microsoft’s stakeholders, and from the technology company’s viewpoint, the store represents an opportunity to develop the consumer experience that exists between Microsoft and its customers.

Digital Signage Efforts

The store places notable focus on digital signage, with video walls directly engaging shoppers with images, videos, sound and other marketing information. An ‘Answer Desk’ provides a go-to place for technical queries and information on any Microsoft device. The video wall behind the Answer Desk is visible from two of the stores three floors. 

Customers are able to interact with Microsoft products such as the Xbox One, surrounded by directional sound. This is partnered by an in-store community theater of a large plasma screen that operates Windows 10 for in-store training or customer tutorials.

A warm touch is Microsoft’s tribute to the area of New York where its store is situated, with a local Fifth Avenue digital display. This ‘cultural wall’ presents a non-commercial, artistic and digital representation of Manhattan’s shopping district and connects Microsoft with its surroundings.

A Word from a Microsoft Vice President 

David Porter, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft worldwide retail and online stores, had this to say: “Our store on Fifth Avenue, as well as every other one of our locations across the US, Puerto Rico and Canada – is here to showcase the best of Microsoft to the local community.” 

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