Microsoft to begin previews of on-premise Dynamics 365 for Operations

Beginning next month, Microsoft will begin offering a preview of the on-premise version of their latest ERP application.

Last year Microsoft announced Dynamics 365 for Operations, an evolution of of it's ERP predecessor, Dynamics AX 7. Previously, Microsoft offered business applications such as Dynamics AX as stand-alone solutions that could, if necessary, be mutually integrated. As part of the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft evolved and unified the current Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, applications such as Operations are now offered as comprehensive, cloud-based solutions, allowing users to purchase specific application modules as and when needed. 

At that time, officials said Microsoft would continue to offer on-premises versions of its ERP for its customers looking for a locally hosted option, but it didn't provide details. Now, starting next month, Microsoft will begin offering a preview of an on-premises/local version of it's Dynamics 365 for Operations ERP application. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Deployment Scenarios (click to enlarge)

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