[ON DEMAND] Getting Started with Connected Manufacturing and IoT

In this free, on demand webinar, HSO and Microsoft experts will discuss how you can leverage the Internet of Things and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve your manufacturing operations.

Whether you’re responsible for your customer’s uptime or your company’s bottom line, connected manufacturing can optimize your operations, while at the same time build the foundation for new business models, improved value differentiation, and improved ROI.

Join HSO and Microsoft experts as we discuss how you can leverage the Internet of Things and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to:

Optimize supply chain operations through better visibility and collaboration. 

By collecting, integrating, and visualizing global supply chain data worldwide, manufacturers gain better visibility into their operations from production to sales.

Streamline the management of assets, products, and production. 

With a consolidated view that unifies process oversight and provides real-time insight, manufacturers can institutionalize efficiency gains and use connected devices to monitor and resolve issues remotely.

Monitor manufacturing equipment

Improve your processes using industrial IoT. Using sensors and advanced analytics, manufacturers are able to predict needed maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime cutting into production time.

Monitor customer equipment

Create new business models that offer predictive maintenance and performance monitoring for the equipment you produce, delivering a richer customer experience. 

Improve field service

Access sensor data to improve field service scheduling, ensuring the right technicians and tools are dispatched before potential issues become a major problem.

Is your company looking to reduce equipment downtime, save energy, and increase revenue? Kick-start your connected manufacturing operations today.  


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