[ON-DEMAND] Meet Microsoft Dynamics 365: The latest platform to transform your business

From the cloud to your desktop, explore the latest suite of intelligent business applications through Microsoft.

Are you ready to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products? With the recent launch of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has unified the current Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud solutions into a unified cloud service with purpose-built business apps.

With HSO and Dynamics 365, insights, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization are delivered through easy-to-use mobile experiences with offline capabilities. Apps can be deployed independently, meaning you only pay for what you need, or work seamlessly together so that you can easily grow your business as your needs change. 

Watch this webinar to learn how HSO's solutions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 can deliver: 

  • Seamless integration with a unified platform
  • Built-in intelligence with advanced analytics
  • Role-based licensing
  • Better ability to meet customer needs 
  • The power to capture new opportunities and revenue streams

Learn how to become a digital frontrunner with HSO and see how we've been helping organizations like yours increase their speed of doing business. 




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