White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 and the Evolution of the Cloud

In this white paper, Mr. Greenbaum explains how the next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX ( AX 7 "based on Microsoft Azure") revolutionizes the ERP world . He starts with a discussion of the pain points and promises made to ERP customers, followed by an explanation of Microsoft cloud solutions. Finally, the white paper highlights significant benefits to you as a customer an ERP cloud user.

Dynamics AX 7

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 follows the business and technical vision of the Microsoft product suite. It has a functional core of both business processes and the capabilities of the cloud. Dynamics AX 7 achieves this in three ways:

  • AX 7 runs in the cloud with Azure as a base
  • The ERP system supports hybrid ( on-premise / cloud ) solutions
  • AX 7 runs on nearly any device, including mobile phones and tablets

Lifecycle Services

The development of Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS) illustrates the co-evolution of products within the Microsoft product suite, highlighting that they are powered by Azure functionality. LCS is an Azure based service and also completely new and unique in the field of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The main advantage of LCS is the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a Dynamics AX 7 implementation from the pilot phase through the go-live, and even extending further to the support the project after implementation. LCS' use in implementations is closely monitored.


With Azure as a cloud platform for Dynamics AX 7, there are a wide range of supplementary services available that can add significant value to a Dynamics AX 7 implementation. Microsoft refers to these as "Microsoft Cloud capabilities." Cloud services include Microsoft Office 365; Dynamics CRM; Power- BI; SQL Azure, a version of SQL Server that runs in the cloud; BizTalk; SharePoint; Visual Studio, and more. Virtually all additional Microsoft development systems and technology are available as cloud services.

Your Benefits

Download the whitepaper here and learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7. HSO will be hosting a webinar regarding a preview of Dynamics AX 7 coming soon. Keep an eye on our website and contact us for more information!

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