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HSO's Customer Showcase

Our customers use Microsoft Dynamics software to run a variety of successful companies across the UK and beyond...

Vision for Dynamics 365 for Operations

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations gives you endless possibilities to reinvent, rediscover and guide your company to new horizons...


CRM ToGo has been put together by our experts so you can start small and implement only the parts you need in order to achieve impact on your business - fast.  

Experlogix CPQ for Dynamics CRM Video

Experlogix explain how complex configurations are made easy using Experlogix Software in Dynamics CRM...

Elevator maintenance with Microsoft HoloLens

Enpowering service technicians to do their jobs more safely and efficiently with the HoloLens...

Intelligent Customer Service

How does Microsoft Dynamics Software provide intelligent customer service? 

Field Service Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics

Deliver world class, intelligent customer experiences in the field whenever there is a need for onsite care...

Microsoft Social Listening puts you in the conversation

Social technology has given individuals a powerful voice they can use whenever and wherever they want...

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Drives Results

Marketing in today's world is changing faster than ever before - it's about marketing smarter, to build your brand and stay ahead.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Sales Productivity

Your customers know more than ever before, and are making buying decisions before you can even engage.


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