Sales Force Automation


Give your sales team the crucial guidance and tools they need to target the right customers and prospects with the right information.

Discover: social and market insights to enhance customer relationships and generate high-quality leads.

Analyse: past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales and service departments.

Collaborate: work across teams and geographies and tap into the combined social intellect of your company in order to better align offerings and sell more.

Share: workspaces for leads and co-edit proposals in real time.

Connect: using Yammer and Skype for Business to share information and collaborate around deals.

Coordinate: gain valuable information from sales, marketing, call centres and other functions, with input across the organisation providing an overview of each customer.

Automate: implement sales promotion analysis and tracking of customer account history; sales activities can be aligned based on knowledge of how a customer is likely to respond, resulting in repeated or future sales.

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