Get the best out of your CRM system FAST with HSO experts

A consultative, knowledge transfer approach to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM journey

HSO is committed to your success and has created CRM ToGo.  A new consultative approach from HSO empowering you to drive more business and delight your customers.  CRM ToGo has been put together by our experts so you can start small and implement only the parts you need in order to achieve impact on your business - fast. 

Accelerate business and create customer value as you transform and differentiate your company from your competitors.  

Drive a more profitable customer experience with CRM ToGo

  • Win more business by providing the right information at the right time.
  • WOW your customers with first class service and improve customer loyalty. 
  • Captivate your audience with the right marketing messages and tools.
  • Power up your team to increase productivity, generate more leads and keep your sales pipeline consistent.



Features of CRM ToGo:

  • Contact, transaction history & service/case management
  • Mobile access
  • Cloud based, safe & secure
  • Dashboards & charts
  • Fully integrated with Outlook
  • Track & store customer emails
  • Create, manage, budget and deliver personalised sales & marketing campaigns
  • Predictable to fit your budget & timescale
  • Delivered in clearly defined packs to get you started
  • Clear project plan & delivery from our highly qualified CRM Consultants
  • Easy to use, familiar Microsoft interface
  • Fully supported by HSO, one of the leading Microsoft Partners in the UK


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