The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Retail solution helps retailers to increase their customer focus.

Improve your brand experience and utalise cross/upselling opportunities by approaching customers personally via online and social media with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Retail software.

Besides marketing, big data and promotions management functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers retailers extended support for customer service and responding adequately to questions or complaints.


  • Visibility to manage distribution channels and sales on one single platform;
  • Document management in SharePoint driven by CRM;
  • Execute promotional campaigns with partners;
  • Track partner performance with accurate and updated data;
  • Analyze channel health by social listening.


  • Run loyalty programs to retain and reward returning customers;
  • Establish customer self-service portals to solve complaints and service requests;
  • Formulate up sell strategies by mining existing customer data. 


  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies;
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.


  • Empower your sales and marketing – access archived data regarding past communications with clients and prospects to inform future interaction into your sales and marketing channels.
  • Have visibility over your campaigns – use Dynamics CRM to analyze the effectiveness of various campaigns and measure your success.
  • All your customers in one place – Dynamics CRM incorporates a simple dashboard system, with all prospect and customer information available in one, simple user friendly view. No searching through multiple tabs and windows, get to your customers right away.
  • Manage relationships from anywhere – let your working relationships go beyond the parameters of your office walls and working hours. With Dynamics CRM accessible via smartphones and tablet, manage your relationships from home, while travelling, where ever you are. Always put your customer first, not just during the 9-5.
  • Live and breathe the social world – don’t miss any online discussions with your customers. Utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM social media analytics to see where your customers and prospects are active, and what they’re saying. Dynamics CRM also includes Yammer, so that your internal workforce can communicate efficiently and share crucial information.

Information and documents produced by Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated into your business and transferred to Microsoft SharePoint to be viewed by all employees.

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