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A scalable Microsoft Dynamics CRM travel software solution

The next few years will see Travel and Tourism industry customers requiring an increasingly personalised service. Companies will need to provide customised products based upon their customer's personal profiles, net promotor scores, recency and frequency history. 

Microsoft CRM Travel software from HSO will help you to:

  • Get Responsive - Reactive - Real Time information at your fingertips for an affordable price with no investment in costly IT infrastructure.  
  • Track  multi-channel interaction - flights, travel agents, holiday packages, B to B.
  • Be informed by CRM Travel so you can easily cross-sell and up-sell to your customers.
  • Carry out targeted marketing to your prospects and customers. 

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In a fast moving and social world it is vital to have accurate information at your fingertips from your travel software such as:

  • Passenger profiles
  • Recency & frequency information
  • Full integration to booking & reservation systems 
  • Net promotor scores
  • Online surveys
  • Social insights via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Microsoft Dynamics AX multi channel traching travel

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Travel software monitors all multi-channel activity on media such as Booking Systems, Survey Portals, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This ensures that customers and connected at all times.



Find out more about how Microsoft CRM Travel software from HSO can provide superior levels of service and productivity, create engaging customer experiences and accelerate innovation and future growth while managing operational requirements. 


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