Business Insights and Analytics

Your CRM is full of data but not all is of relevance for you and data which is relevant you would like to see structured in one overview. With the dashboards in CRM you can select data you want to see and data you need do your job. Data will be collected and displayed in clear charts and graphs easy to analyze. This will help you make quicker decisions and supports you achieving results.

With visual dashboards you get a clear overview of: 

  • How your marketing campaigns are performing;
  • Which campaigns need some extra attention;
  • Your marketing budget in comparison with your estimated budget for the year; 
  • Your leads and opportunities;
  • Which service calls are still to be settled;
  • If you are delivering on Service Level Agreements considering customer service calls;
  • Your service desk performance.

With CRM business insights and analytics you can easily keep track on how you are performing on the above subjects. You are able to identify service trends, anticipate on service opportunities, gain insight in the sales and marketing pipeline and get a real time and reliable view of you ROI. Real time reporting has been made easy.

Want to know more about insights and analytics in Dynamics CRM?

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