Integrated Yammer Functionality

Yammer is a social network for enterprises. It stimulated social networking in a business world. With the use of Yammer you are able to follow colleagues’ activities and posts, you get updates on relevant business items, you can work together on documents and stay in touch with your colleagues wherever you are or on what platform you are working on. Yammer is now integrated in Dynamics CRM. 

With the integration of Yammer and Dynamics CRM you add an extra conversation opportunity which helps employees to collaborate better. If you have a question or post a comment this directly appears in the workspace where you are working on. Conversation threads can be visible to your colleagues of just a specific group. This is how you can engage your team for immediate feedback. You can follow a record, contact, opportunity, lead, account, case and campaign and receive automatically updates through your feed if changes are made. 

yammer integration crm

Want to know more about Yammer?

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