Sending e-mails using CRM

It is possible to send emails throughout CRM. You can track e-mails and connect those to contacts, accounts, users, etc. in Dynamics CRM. Furthermore, your CRM functions as your address book. It is now even possible to create templates and send personal e-mails for you campaigns! Let’s find out more.

Sending e-mails with CRM

Within Dynamics CRM you are able to send e-mails to pre-specified e-mail lists. For your e-mailings you can use already created templates or create an e-mail from scratch with the interactive drag and drop solution to build one. For the CSS and HTML experts there is also an advanced editor available.

Dynamics CRM for Outlook

It is possible to synchronize Outlook with Dynamics CRM so you can track e-mails. Tracked e-mails are still being archived in your e-mail maps in Outlook. A copy of the e-mail will be saved as activity and is available in the Activities Area of Dynamics CRM. You can connect the activity to a record in CRM to update last record’s activities and communications. You also have the possibility to work offline through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail activities can be linked to active contacts, account, potential customers, facilities, equipment, queues of users. You can select Microsoft Dynamics CRM records with e-mail addresses from the Dynamics CRM address book. This address book is automatically installed when you install CRM for Outlook.

Want to know more about sending e-mails through CRM?

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