Social CRM

The upcoming of social media changed the way we communicate business wise. More and more of your prospects and customers can be found online and they are often involved in social media conversations. It is necessary for your organization to get insights in these interactions and use this information to structure marketing and sales activities. But how?

With Social Listening HSO and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer you social media analytics to optimize your CRM processes and obtain more profit from your marketing, sales and service activities. You can see where your customers and prospects are actively engaged and involved in conversations. Do not miss a single online discussion with your customers. 

How do people feel about your brand or products?

With help of certain keywords, e.g. concerning your brand of products, you can measure sentiment (negative, neutral, positive) regarding these keywords. Results are displayed in clear graphs and charts and with advanced filtering you can filter on source, sentiment, location, etc. Sense potential buying intentions, answer questions about your organization or products. Provide real time service care when people need support. Proactively engage with your (potential) customers. 

See how it works! 

Management of customer relationships goes beyond your practical knowledge of former interactions and communications. With Social Listening you can get an overview of the influence of your customers’ and prospects’ influence on your organization. Acquire and filter market information from billions of social media interactions, blogs, Youtube video’s, every day. 

Want to know more about this?

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