Build your CRM Business Case

Before you invest in a CRM solution you want to know the direct and indirect benefits for your organization. What will be the costs? And what is the Return on Investment? In order to get the answers to these questions and finally make a decent decision for a CRM solution you could build a CRM business case.

Building a business case is especially of importance to show management how the software can contribute to your organization objectives and vision and what the benefits will be from their investments. Nucleus Research is an organization which studies ROI and more considering several information technologies and it developed an infographic with tips for building a financial business case.

Data to build a financial CRM business case

Nucleus Research also created a 2013 CRM benchmark report with all the numbers you need to build a financial CRM business case. Included are key data to see whether a CRM solution offers your benefits concerning profit and productivity for sales, marketing as well as customer service automation. Some tips:

  • You will collect several benefits from implementing a CRM solution. Though, narrow this down to two or three major benefits, because not all benefits will be equally important or applicable. Also two or three benefits will cover most of the ROI.
  • Payback period is an important fact for involved people to understand. Answering the question how long it takes to cover the costs is a winning move.
  • Include a calculation for worst case scenario ROI and payback time.
  • In a business case you should also include indirect benefits. For achieving these benefits include milestones for user adoption and training for increasing credibility and making the implementation journey more specific.
  • Some of the indirect benefits will not be visible in the first 12 months. They often appear after this period of time.

In order to calculate costs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can use this cost (comparison) calculator.

Want to know more about building you CRM business case?

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