CRM selection

The decision has been made: you need a CRM system to optimize sales, marketing and/or service processes. But there is an overload for CRM solutions and if you selected the software you also need an implementation partner. What is important to take into account?

Your CRM strategy serves as base for your CRM selection. You need to know how business activities regarding your marketing, sales and service processes are organized and what you want to achieve with a CRM system before you can select a CRM solution. What is your current situation and what do you want to achieve?

Long list CRM solutions

You need to make an inventory about which CRM systems fit your business and which do not. Information you will find on the internet, in books, whitepapers, through your employees or your business network. The CRM solutions and providers which are most likely to fit most of your needs end up on your long list.

Short list CRM solutions

Here you study thoroughly the functionalities provided by the CRM solutions which fit your business. Additionally, you create a list of partners who provide implementation and support services for those particular solutions. You bring this down to two or three CRM solutions and from these you choose the best CRM solution and partner.

Checklist for the best CRM software

TNO created a checklist for which CRM functionalities are needed in your organization. This will help you in your selection process. TNO is an independent research organization whose expertise and research make an important contribution a.o. to the competitiveness of companies and organizations. The checklist organizes functionalities around four main categories:

  1. Centralizing customer information
  2. Support marketing processes
  3. Support sales processes
  4. Support service processes

You can indicate which functionalities are already used within your company, which functionalities you prefer or which are necessary and what the expected impact will be on your existing organizational design. Within these main categories there will be a focus on strategic objectives, solution requirements and preconditions.

Want to know more about CRM selection?

Do you want to know about selecting a CRM solution for your organization and do you want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Please contact us and we are happy to help you out.