Manufacturers face increasing pressure to meet highly-specific customer expectations while shortening production cycles, maximizing service quality, and improving customer satisfaction.

With an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that has Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the center, manufacturers can gain deep insight into customer trends and needs to effectively manage complex sales cycles, achieve delivery and service excellence, and respond quickly to growing demands for innovative products and services.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we offer a Productivity Suite enabling Manufacturers to easily manage customer data, making the sales job easier with a 360 view of all the customer and prospect activities. Manufacturers need comprehensive, searchable customer data to improve productivity and responsiveness to changes in market conditions. 

With the Dynamics CRM Productivity Suite for Manufacturing we offer:

Sales Excellence

  • With complex selling models, manufacturers must drive sales performance by giving salespeople a centralized system to track opportunities and improve demand forecasting.
  • 360 view of all the customer activities
  • Record and manage interactions, track projects, and view comprehensive customer scorecards. Identify cross-sell, up-sell, and after-sale opportunities. 
  • Link customer and sales records to service contracts, product warranty information, and other related documentation.
  • Including Customer and project info from other LOB applications.
  • Integrated Product Configuration solution

    • For a streamlined quote-to-order process the solution can be extended with a fully integrated product configuration and order processing applications like e-Con

  • Integrated Marketing

    • Capture lead origins and measure sell-through effectiveness, create best-practice lead follow-up routines, and better identify customer segments that are strong candidates for cross-sell, up-sell, and after-sale service activities and route them to the best sales channel.

  • Project & Object Management support

    • Integrated overview of all project related info, including contacts, correspondence and influencers 
    • Project lifecycle support including SharePoint project portals managed from CRM processes

  • Service renewal warnings

    • Tracking service and warranty activity, lifetime value of equipment, and equipment at risk.
    • Automated alerts and quotes for renewals


  • Fuel collaboration. Enable engineering, production, sales, and service teams to share customer information and drive new products and services.
  • Improve order speed and accuracy. Connect configuration, pricing, and production information with customer information to help decrease time-to-quote and improve product and service delivery. Quote delivery schedules and pricing/costs based on real-time data and track commitments accurately.
  • Increase service profitability. Automate service processes such as notifications for equipment maintenance, warranty compliance, and upgrade opportunities. Help ensure prompt scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on equipment in the field to help maintain quality and boost resale value. Offer customer self-service options that reduce costs of service as it improves customer satisfaction.
  • Drive constant process improvement. Track effectiveness and profitability of product and service innovations to establish best practices across your sales and service organization.
  • Enable a mobile workforce. Access customer, sales, and product information online, offline, or via the Web. Equip field service technicians with mobile access to case management, warranties, scheduling, and inventory.

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