Sales Manager

As a sales manager you want to sell, together with your team, your solutions and products in an effective and efficient way to highly interested customers. This is an ideal situation. Most of the time you are collecting the information available on a prospect from the internet and internal systems before visiting.

And when you are there it turns out it is not an opportunity at all. This is a waste of time and does not help your team reaching their sales targets for this year. What you want is that marketing has retrieved leads through events, the website, social media or other marketing activities. By qualifying these leads regarding specific criteria a lead converts from marketing qualified to sales qualified. From then it is your turn. 

You want to have access to key data about the prospect; who is your contact person and what is the organization like? Where there past purchases? This provides you with opportunities for cross or upsell offering. And maybe you are already socially connected to your contact person through colleagues, family, friends or other contacts. 

Furthermore, you want to have insights in your sales pipeline and forecasts. What is upfront and are there enough leads for reaching sales targets? What activities are happening now? Which proposals are pending? And are there also competitors involved in the same sales track and who? Would it not be great to have all this information available and integrated in one system? No more cold calling but building on long term relationships. CRM can help you out. 

Want to know more what CRM can do for your sales team? 

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