Service Manager

As a service manager you want to deliver your customer the optimum customer experience. Help them out with their problems in a quick and consistent way.

Though customers are demanding and using more and more channels to for service requests, finding answers or complaints. How to keep your customer satisfied and keep a healthy balance between costs and customer experience?

With the advent of social media and mobile devices the service landscape completely changed and so have the customers. High quality and quick service through the channel of their choice, whether that is over the web, social media, e-mail or telephone.  

The challenge for customer service organizations is to balance delivering amazing customer experiences against their cost to service for an optimal mix over time. Cost of service varies significantly across channels, so companies are investigating how to provide differentiated levels of customer support, while looking at how to empower their agents and make them more efficient and effective.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables companies to build customer loyalty, empower agents and drive resolution by providing relevant, proactive and personalized service across all channels. Companies can connect their customers with the right answers to their service inquiries at the right time, via their channel of choice across web, social, chat, mobile and phone